Saturday, July 13, 2013

19 Weeks -- Baby Has A Name!

I keep thinking of more things I want to talk about on my blog, but I'm saving those for later, because this post is dedicated to the announcing of our little boy's name!

Travis first mentioned this name to me while we were driving up to PA, and it stood out to me right away. But, unlike Norah's name, which seemed perfect as soon as it came to us, I still felt like I needed to see every possible choice before we could decide on one. (Why are girls' names so much easier?!)

So we pored over web pages and name books, and still hadn't found the "perfect" name. Our final effort was a LONG, comprehensive list of names I found online. There were some good names, but none of them were "it," and I found myself comparing every name to that first one I had liked. None of them could beat it, and every time I looked at the baby's face on the ultrasound photos, that name just seemed to fit. Once we got through the "R's," we finally just decided to stop looking. We already knew what his name was.

Names are such a personal choice. Everyone loved Norah's name. Norah Claire. Who wouldn't like that name?

This one is a little more off the beaten path. We hope people will like it, but more than that, we just want it to be the right name for our child. For us, it just fits. So, without further ado, I hereby proclaim throughout the land that our little boy's name shall be:

(Scroll down...)

Ridley Graham Galloway

If you like it, please tell us. We could use some positive comments. :-)


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