Sunday, June 9, 2013

14 Weeks

This week, the baby is approximately 3.5 inches long from crown to rump, and its feet are about 1/2 inch long! Growing fast!

At just over 12 weeks, I'm sure I felt the baby move two or three times, but I haven't felt it much since. I like the reassurance of feeling movement, but I know that the baby is still small, and the only movements I can feel are the big flips and jumps. Hopefully I will soon be able to feel it every day.

I have some really exciting news! I called Greenville Tech to schedule our ultrasound. We had it done there when I was 23 weeks with Norah, to find out the gender. It's free there, and it takes at least an hour, which I liked. It was fun because we got to watch her for a long time, and listen as the student and her instructor described what they saw. When I called to make the appointment this time, they said the earliest they could fit me in would be August 22nd. I was a little disappointed, because I'll be 25 weeks then. I was hoping to have it done closer to 20 weeks. It just seems like such a long time to be calling the baby an "it"!

Sooo...we decided to look into having it done sooner somewhere else, if we could find an affordable option. One of my friends recommended a place in Greenville, which had several different "packages." The basic gender determination ultrasound was very affordable compared to anywhere else we looked into, so we decided to go ahead with it! Our appointment is scheduled for JUNE 26th!!! I can't wait! Their claim is that they can determine the gender starting at 14 weeks, so I could have scheduled it even sooner, but I wanted to wait a little longer to make sure it would be accurate. They will do a basic 10 minute ultrasound, with a quick peek in 3D, which should be really neat! We also will get a DVD of the entire session, so I'll upload it to the blog if I can! I am SO excited after thinking I'd have to wait until the end of August! It's only 2 1/2 weeks away!

We will also still do the Greenville Tech one, because why not? :-) We'll get to see the baby again after he or she grows some more!

That's about it for baby news! Now for some pictures and videos of Norah being cute. :-)

Here is her new playhouse from Grammy and Grandpa!!

I will have to take a picture of it now, because we added some cool stuff!

Some random photos:

Her first trip to the bowling alley! She keeps asking to go back. :-)

The fish and fish tank she got for her birthday.

Norah's version of basketball...and The Wheels On The Bus:

Feeding her babies. :-) (On the front porch while it's raining and the power is out!)

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