Monday, September 12, 2011

16.5 Weeks Old...Almost 4 Months!

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I've been bad about doing a post each week! I'm considering not even trying to do one every week, but then I'd have to come up with a clever title for each one...

Here's what's new:

Norah is trying really hard to roll over! I guess that one time a couple months ago was a total fluke. She can roll onto her side, and she might be able to go all the way, but I don't think she wants to end up on her belly! She hates tummy time.

She's also started to pick her head up when she's lying flat on her back! It seems like she's trying to sit up on her own. If I hold onto her hands and pull her up, she'll go straight from lying to sitting to standing, no problem. She doesn't need any head support anymore, and hardly needs any support when standing. Just a bit to help her balance.

She seems to be getting eager to move around on her own, and I'm anxious for that, too! Maybe she'll be able to entertain herself a little more when she can sit up by herself. I know it seems like I'm always saying that, like I don't like spending time with her. I love playing with her, but I just can't get anything done, especially since she barely naps! She's a wonderful sleeper at night, though, which I am thankful for. The other night she slept from 9:30 until 6:00 without waking up, and then slept until 8:00, and then went back to sleep again until 10:00. Usually she's up earlier, like at 7:30 or 8:00, but on Sunday morning with no alarms going off and both of us still sleeping, I guess she didn't realize it was past her usual wake-up time. :-)

Our potty thing hasn't been going very well lately. I usually know when she has to go, but our current pattern seems to be that she can't or won't go when I put her on the potty, and then 10 minutes later when we have to leave to go somewhere, as SOON as I get her buckled in she goes. Ugh. I'm considering looking for a potty chair small enough for her to sit on with some help, since she doesn't seem to like the position I hold her in over the big potty. She squirms and kicks constantly. We'll see...

We got Norah an amber teething necklace. I'm not sure how long these things have been around, but it seems like a pretty new thing in the US at least. It's supposed to secrete some sort of natural analgesic to help with teething pain and reduce drooling. Some say it also improves general well-being and may boost the baby's ability to fight off infections. I have NO idea whether it works or not! We've been using it for a week or so, and I haven't noticed a difference so far. :-( It's cute, at least!

Norah and I are signed up for a FREE mother baby music class at a local church!! It's only 25 minutes once a week, but it's a nine week class and will teach me some new songs, rhymes, and games I can do with Norah. I'm pretty excited about it since I'm always trying to think of new things to do with her! She likes The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and I've also been singing songs from a 1979 Sesame Street record we've been listening to, in addition to whatever else I can think of. Naturally, I place a lot of importance on doing musical activities with her. I've sat down at the piano with her a few times to show her what it does and play a few songs like Twinkle Twinkle, but she isn't interested in it yet.

She did well today when I had to teach a lesson while holding her! She had been fussy, but since I was standing up and rocking and bouncing her and she had the pacifier, she did fine and even fell asleep half way through (I guess she was fussy because she was tired...). This was our first try at that, and later this week I have a few more students starting lessons at my house when I won't have anyone to watch Norah. Hopefully she'll continue to do well with it and I won't have to come up with another plan.

On Labor Day we went to visit Travis’s grandma (Norah’s only living great-grandparent) and his Aunt Carolyn and cousin Leanne. They hadn’t seen Norah since she was two days old!! Grandma Galloway was just taken with Norah, and she kept telling Travis what a good daddy he is. She also was thrilled to see me breastfeeding, and said, “Look, she’s feedin’ her natural!” I thought that was cute. :-)

I’ve started sewing again! It’s been a long time! I made Norah a dress, which ended up looking Christmas-y and is just barely big enough… oh well. It was my first attempt at a dress, and I made up my own pattern. I also didn’t buy any fabric…the white print fabric was in our attic, and the green was a shirt of mine that had holes in it. :-)

I also made her the red polka-dotted skirt that she wore to Grandma Galloway’s house, plus another one she hasn’t worn yet.

I guess that's all I can think of for now. I have been working on uploading video footage, and once I get it edited I'll post it, hopefully in a couple of days! It goes WAY back to early pregnancy, so it's been a long time coming!!!!!

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