Monday, August 23, 2010

TTC: Month 1

So...I'm kind of doubtful about this month. I just don't think our timing was very good, etc. I'm ok with that, though. If I got pregnant this month, I would be due in the middle of May, and I'm supposed to be teaching lessons up until May 13th. So, really, I'll be more relaxed if I don't have to worry about trying to keep the baby in while I finish up the year. :-) I will be looking for pregnancy symptoms over the next couple of weeks, though, just in case. If not, then we'll just look forward to next month!

My doctor's appointment went surprisingly well. The nurse who took the blood samples was great. She found a vein and managed to poke it right the first time, which I honestly don't think has ever happened to me! I think my veins are small and hard to find, so normally I end up with about three needle pokes and a big bruise.

The blood test results were good: my thyroid is fine, but I do have high cholesterol (both the good kind and the bad kind), which I think just runs in my family. I'm not worried about it.

I had Travis take some pre-pregnancy pics of me last week, because I want to do a belly shot each week and then do some kind of virtual flip book at the end of the pregnancy. And I just think it will be fun to watch my belly grow! So here they are:

I'll be back next month, unless I end up getting a positive in a couple of weeks!

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